Valley Aikido

Martial Arts in Scottsdale

Valley Aikido provides training in the martial art practice of aikido. Chief Instructor Asim Hanif, 4th dan, Aikikai, Capital Aikido Federation.

End of Summer Seminar


End of Summer Seminar


Open Seminar with Asim Hanif 4th dan.

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4 hour seminar followed by group lunch


Session 1 will focus on warmup and basic aikido training to include various falls, footwork, committed attacks, body awareness, and role of uke and nage.
Session 2 we will explore the basic aikido syllabus to include koshinage. If you have a fear of taking koshinage ukemi or just want to improve in this area, this will be an opportunity to gain new insights and confidence.
Session 3 will be work with weapons. Please have at least jo and bokken. Bring tanto and shoto if you have them.
Session 4 will be devoted to 2 and 3 person attacks. How to gain an advantage utilizing body position and environment.

Lunch location TBD.

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