Valley Aikido

The Japanese Art of Aikido in Scottsdale

Valley Aikido provides training in the martial art practice of aikido. Chief Instructor Asim Hanif, 4th dan, Aikikai, Capital Aikido Federation.

Rules of Practice

Just a few basic fundamental things to keep in mind when training.

  • Don't disturb the point of contact
  • The point of contact can move
  • Do not signal your intentions
  • Control the center by controlling yourself
  • The center can move
  • Don't predetermine your ukemi
  • You can always be softer
  • You can always move slower
  • If you can't do it slow, you can't do it fast
  • Timing beats speed
  • Technique beats strength
  • Posture is everything
  • Drive two cars ahead; always be mentally ahead
  • Breathing is kind of important

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