Valley Aikido

Evolutionary Aikido Training in Scottsdale, Arizona

Valley Aikido provides training in the martial art practice of aikido. Chief Instructor Asim Hanif, 4th dan, Aikikai, Capital Aikido Federation.

"Aikido is not a fighting system. It is a way to condition the mind and body."

Valley Aikido is dedicated to the promotion and training of aikido, a Japanese budo first developed in the early part of the 20th century. Its founder was Morihei Ueshiba, a prominent jujitsu exponent. Since its development, aikido has undergone many progressions and adaptations.

Valley Aikido Chief Instructor Asim Hanif, is ranked 4th dan by the Aikikai Foundation, Japan. Prior to aikido, he was a professional fighter and studied various other martial arts. Hanif Sensei is a student of Clyde Takeguchi Shihan of Capital Aikikai (Washington, DC). He is also the founder of Potomac Aikikai (Virginia, US).

The training here requires serious focus and mutual respect. Conversation is kept to a minimum thereby allowing the body to do the work. We believe aikido is learned through the body, not the head.

Our aikido is efficient and practical, emphasizing 'soft power' not merely physical strength. By focusing on correct posture, stability, intent, and connection within ourselves- by extension we effect our partners. Most important is the ability to maintain a relaxed body and mind, free of tension. 

We are members of the Capital Aikido Federation.



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